The Erwin Family - Dave, Kirsten, Mitchell, McKenzie, & Mathew

New Orleans, Lousiana

"It's not Mardi Gras, but Webb Lake sure rocks, you all!"
Morgan Rae Schoenecker

Twin Cities, Minnesota

"Calm waters, Mikee's fishing boat, Murphy at the controls, my Sponge Bob fishing pole in one hand, an ice cold juice in the other, a good children's mazzaggine waitin' to be read ...  We're set!!"
Donna Kay

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Nice Bach (cabin in 'down under' talk)! A bit posh for a kiwi girl. We managed with a good drop o' wine. I've never slept in a Bach where the sheets match the lampshades. Good to see me old mates. Good on ya. Cheers. "

Murphy Mae Schoenecker

Twin Cities, Minnesota


"Na Na" (translate: Cozy & warm). "Ga Ga" (translate: "I love it up here").  "Da Da" (translate: "Dad's cool!") "I no" (translate: "I'm gonna have rockin' keggers up here when I'm in High School.")